Video of Man With Dead Raccoon in McDonald's Sparks Concerns

Chris Brooks went live on Facebook on Sunday morning after he saw a man put a bloody, dead raccoon on a table of a McDonald’s in San Francisco.

Brooks says he was heading to work and about to get breakfast at the McDonald’s on Potrero Avenue and 16th Street when he recorded a now-viral video of a man sitting in front of the raccoon and another man grabbing the carcass from the table, leaving behind a trail of blood, before throwing the animal into a garbage can outside.

The video shows a man with grey hair, dressed in all black, sitting with his hands on the table by the dead raccoon and a woman, who appears to be a McDonald’s employee, saying something to him while pointing outside.

The man in black got up from his seat, walked around the fast-food chain and appeared to speak to a few people inside before another man in a tie-dye sweater and gloves got up from his seat, picked up the raccoon and threw it out in the garbage. 

It wasn’t immediately known what transpired before the incident or whether the two men knew each other but they appeared to have left the restaurant after the animal was discarded.

A spokesperson with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Rachael Kagan, told NBC Bay Area that she’s looking into the incident.

NBC Bay Area has reached out to San Francisco Police Department and the McDonald’s for comment.

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