Vote to Decide Fate of Dixie Elementary School Name

A North Bay school district on Tuesday will decide if it’s time to change its name, which some say is offensive.

Petitioners argue that the word “Dixie” in the Dixie School District name is racist, and that’s why they want it to be erased.

The district is considering swapping the current name with 13 other names, including Big Rock Elementary School District, John Muir Elementary School District and Skywalker Elementary School District.

The petitions to change the district’s name have been reviewed by the Marin County Elections Department and meet all of the legal requirements necessary to move forward with a vote.

The group calling for the name change argues that the “Dixie” name refers to the Confederacy from the Civil War era, and they say that’s enough reason to make a change. Those who want to keep the name in place claim the district is named after Marie Dixie, a Miwok woman.

The NAACP, the Marin Interfaith Council, Congressman Jared Huffman and the Marin County superintendent of school have voiced support for the name change.

As of Tuesday morning, only one of the five school district board members has publicly backed the name change.

Board members are slated to meet at 5:30 p.m. 

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