Watch a very tall Sen. Scott Wiener ride a very small Zamboni at San Francisco’s Civic Center rink

California State Senator Scott Wiener took a break from his usual political duties on Thursday to clear the ice on a mini Zamboni-like ice resurfacer at San Francisco’s Civic Center rink.

Sen. Wiener posted a video of his whirl around the ice and the footage of a very tall man on a very small machine is making many on Twitter smile.

“With a zamboni added to your height, you are now the most easy to spot politician ever,” tweeted @kurtisnelson.

The whirl around the ice was a test run for the opening ceremony at 11 a.m. Friday when the senator will drive the ice resurfacer through a ribbon. The 1.5-horsepower machine made by Ice Rink Supply can reach a top speed of seven miles per hour and is sure to do the job.

“With all the intensity of politics today, sometimes it’s nice to do normal community things like open a winter ice-skating rink and give people something fun to do and recognize that even with all he political craziness it’s important to enjoy life,” Sen. Wiener told SFGATE.

Sen. Wiener said clearing the ice was fun and the machine was surprisingly stable, unlike ice skates.

“I’m not a real ice skater,” he said. “That would definitely create a risk of making a fool of myself.”

The T-Mobile Winter Park at 355 McAllister St. is modeled after an ice skating rink in Austria. In its second year, the rink has a skating path traveling through a lighted tree forest. The feature has been expanded this year.

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