Watch Samsung fold the crap out of the Galaxy Fold

We’ve not seen a lot of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The device didn’t make its way off-stage at the Unpacked event in late February, and a week later, it was trapped behind glass at Mobile World Congress. But Samsung insists that not only is the handset real, it’s actually going on stage pretty soon.

What we have seen, however, are videos. There’s this one from MWC, and today the company dropped another more behind the scenes video, in which the forthcoming foldable is put through Samsung’s in-house stress testing.

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The company’s claims of lasting around 200,000 folds and unfolds are pretty standard for these kinds of devices. As noted, that amounts to around 100 folds a day for over five years — longer than most of us hold onto a phone, though for $2,000, who knows?

The new video shows how Samsung and other companies determine that sort of massive number, using mechanical devices. It says the 200,000 number takes around a week for the devices to complete. It’s pretty mesmerizing. Honestly, I would happily watch a livestream, while waiting to get my hands on the device.

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