Window for Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest Closing

The window for the Mavericks Big Wave Surf contest in Half Moon Bay is closing March 31 and for the third year in a row, women may miss the chance to compete.

Since the contest, in February of 2016, a women’s heat was added. However, the public has yet to see the elite surfers hit the waves because the weather has not cooperated.

“It’s very exciting to me, I’m like a big feminist so I think a women’s heat sounds great,” said Half Moon Bay resident Laura Gray.

March is not the most favorable weather month, but if forecasters see big waves and mild conditions, surfers will have 24 hours to make it to Half Moon Bay to compete.

“The North Pacific is showing potential swells from March 19 through March 26th for Mavericks. It is too far out to make a decision on if we will run or not, but we will continue to closely monitor the conditions as the storms get closer,” said Mike Parsons, commissioner of the Big Wave contest. “The Mavericks window officially closes on March 31, 2019, and we will keep our fingers crossed for a great day before then.”

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