A dead gray whale washed up at SF’s Ocean Beach: Should you go see it?

A dead whale washed ashore at Ocean Beach in San Francisco early Monday, and its massive carcass is now spread across a stretch of sand frequented by a steady stream of joggers, dog walkers and surfers.

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The sight of the dead ocean beast is sad and tragic, but Marine Mammal Center spokesperson Laura Sherr says it’s also an educational opportunity.

“So many people don’t have the opportunity to see a whale this way and in its full size,” Sherr says.”It’s totally OK to go out and see it, but we ask for the public to not touch or alter the whale in any way so that scientists can complete their investigation tomorrow.”

Sherr adds that people and dogs shouldn’t approach the whale because it could transmit disease, and warns the whale may give off a bad odor.

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A team of experts from the center will perform a necropsy Tuesday to determine the cause of death. They’ve been busy so far this year, with several other whales washing up in recent months.

“Three whales died due to ship strikes, and four were due to malnutrition,” according to the Marine Mammal Center.

Whale carcasses that land on beaches in more urban areas can draw crowds. The last time a whale washed ashore on Ocean Beach was in 2010.

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