Atlanta’s Sean Newcomb finishes mess on field, then starts one off it

Sean Newcomb

The Atlanta Braves’ reliever finished a mess on the mound, then started one off the field. After Saturday night’s 7-6 loss at Miami, an angry Newcomb kicked a metal garbage can in the tunnel between the dugout and clubhouse after he gave up the winning run in the 10th inning. The garbage can hit a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall, and chemical dust spewed. A large fan sent the dust and smoke flying. A cleanup crew stayed until early Sunday removing the debris. A worker said Newcomb apologized and offered to pay for any damage. Atlanta’s bullpen gave up seven runs in the final three innings of the game.

Chandler Catanzaro

The kicker, 28, retired after a shaky start to training camp with the Jets. “He came in and told me that he was done, retiring,” head coach Adam Gase said. Catanzaro, who also kicked for Arizona, Carolina and Tampa Bay, missed two extra-point tries in the Jets’ 31-22 preseason loss to the Giants on Thursday night. “God has blessed me far more than I deserve,” Catanzaro wrote on Instagram. “When I finished my career at Clemson, playing in the NFL was just a dream. After five years in the league, it’s time to move on. I can’t say I ever thought I would’ve been a kicker, but I’m thankful that kicking chose me.”

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