BART Fare Evaders Caught on Video Scuffling With Police

BART’s new push to stop fare evaders is leading to other problems.

On Wednesday, NBC Bay Area cameras captured people sill able to sneak through the new gates. Things then turned violent at the Richmond BART station when police detained the fare evaders.

The new fare gates are designed to clamp down on fare evaders, but some riders say they are clamping down on the wrong people, including the disabled.

“They’re horrible,” BART rider Tara Ayers said. “Look at where they’d hit somebody if a child, someone in a wheelchair, short people — somebody’s going to get really badly hurt by these things.”

Ayers said BART’s new modified fare gates being tested out at the Richmond station are clamping down on the wrong riders. Many say the gates are downright daunting.

Disabled riders say the gates are especially tough for them to navigate through.

Janet Abelson, who serves on the BART accessibility task force, says she’s had the gates close on her wheelchair.

“There isn’t enough time for me to always get through,” Abelson said.

While the gates may be deterring some fare evaders, NBC Bay Area on Wednesday saw plenty still sneaking through. Young people not only ducked their way through the gates, but then scuffled with police when they tried to stop them.

Police say one of the teens faces charges of battery on an officer.

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