Bay Area Police Crack Down on Sideshows

Police in the Bay Area are cracking down on sideshows this Labor Day weekend, particularly in Oakland where officers will be patrolling by air and on the ground to curb the dangerous and gridlock-causing gatherings.

Police in Oakland begin every summer weekend shift with a briefing to discuss known trouble spots where sideshow enthusiasts congregate. Officers patrol those areas throughout the weekend, especially on holiday weekends.

Air support units let their presence be known by circling above those problem areas.

“It is a huge deterrent because if the people who perpetrate crimes see us, they’re going to think twice about doing it,” said Oakland Police Air Support Officer Sean McLure.

“I’ve been with the department 26-plus years and this was going on when I first started,” McLure said.

So far, there have been no reports of sideshows this weekend. Officers are also watching out for DUI drivers, another issue on holiday weekends.

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