Best Places to Live If You Commute to SF: Study

A new list is out: The best places to live if you commute to San Francisco.

It’s a familiar story: people work in San Francisco but can’t afford the rent. So, they commute. In fact, more than 250,000 people do that.

Now a new study by Property Shark shows the top 10 places to commute from.

The study only looked at cities within a 20-mile radius of San Francisco and with 30,000 or more residents.

The study considered travel time, home prices, schools and crime rates.

Here’s the list:

  1. South San Francisco
  2. San Bruno
  3. San Rafael
  4. San Mateo
  5. Pacifica
  6. Berkeley
  7. Daly City
  8. Hayward
  9. Alameda
  10. San Leandro

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