Body Recovered Near Oakland Estuary: Sheriff

United States Coast Guard crews recovered a body Monday morning in the Bay near the opening of the Oakland Estuary.

The recovery comes a day after Alameda County Sheriff’s Office searched for a suspect who authorities said led a vehicle pursuit, rammed a gate to the Oakland International Airport tarmac before likely jumping into the water surrounding the airport. Officials believe the suspect drowned shortly after jumping into water.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office officials said the body was taken to San Francisco, where investigators are working to determine if it belongs to the suspect in Sunday’s incident.

Sunday’s pursuit began around noon when an Alameda County sheriff’s deputy tried to pull over the vehicle for running a stop sign, sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said. The pickup proceeded down an airport access road and rammed a gate at more than 50 mph, officials said.

He then exited the truck and ran toward the bay, sheriff’s officials said, apparently jumping into the water. The search included boats, helicopters, dogs and drones, the sheriff’s office said.

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