California Democratic Convention Comes to a Close in SF

The California Democratic Party State Convention in San Francisco comes to a close Sunday.

Presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders, Julian Castro and John Delaney are among those scheduled to speak as the three-day event wraps up.

The three candidates are among 14 presidential contenders who made the trip to San Francisco for the gathering of the California Democratic Party, featuring thousands of fervent activists. Former Vice President Joe Biden was the only big-name candidate to skip the gathering, opting instead to campaign in Ohio. That has allowed Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, California Sen. Kamala Harris and others a chance to grab the spotlight.

California has shifted its 2020 primary earlier on the calendar, to March 3, part of the Super Tuesday collection of contests, in hopes of giving the state more sway in choosing the party’s nominee. California will offer the largest delegate haul, but it is a notoriously difficult state to campaign in, given its massive size and expensive media markets.

California Democratic Convention Continues in SF

[BAY] California Democratic Convention Continues in SF

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