California Lawmakers Discuss ‘Bring Your Baby to Work’ Bill

California lawmakers will decide on a bill Wednesday that would allow state workers to bring their babies to work.

The Bring Your Baby to Work bill would apply to babies between the ages of six weeks to six months old, or until the baby is able to walk, whichever comes first.

The state lawmaker backing up the bill says there are no costs for state agencies as they wouldn’t need to baby proof anything.

The parent is solely responsible for the safety of their infant and ultimately, the manager gets final approval. So, if it becomes an issue, they can figure out a solution from there.

“You can never make up for having them right there with you to just kind of be able to look over and they are babbling for the first time. Or even giggling,” said Sherry Smith from Schools Financial Credit Union. “She did her babbling and her giggling for the first time here.”

Unlike Smith, others think there are more cons than pros to the proposed bill.

“I think it’s a distraction to the workers and I don’t think the worker with the child would get as much done with the child possibly being miserable,” said Pam Jensen from Sacramento.

Not every job provides a safe environment for babies, so the state agency would need to get approval.

“It was so effective in the private sector and people were saving $2,000 a month for nanny bills and everything,” said Assemblyman Randy Voepel. “I figure, why not try at the state level.”

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