Dog Attacks Wag Hotel Employees in Santa Clara

Employees at a popular South Bay pet boarding facility are recovering from a vicious dog attack that occurred Wednesday.

A dog reportedly attacked an employee of the Wag Hotel in Santa Clara and as other jumped in to help, they were also attacked.

Taylor Soetje was one of the people who jumped in to help her co-worker who got bit as she started walking the dog.

She and two other workers got her friend free but then the dog turned on her. Soetje’s manager then jumped in but was also bit before a fourth worker pried the dog off and held it until police arrived.

Their manager is still recovering in a local hospital.

“All four ligaments, a little bit on her stomach, her inner thigh. She was pretty messed up,” Soetje said.

A Santa Clara police spokesman said it took several officers to restrain the dog that’s currently in the custody of the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority.

Soetje said the dog that attacked was flagged as needing special care, but they weren’t expecting that behavior.

NBC Bay Area reached out to Wag Hotels for comment but have not heard back.

Police did not release information about the dog’s owner and said that at this point, they will not conduct a criminal investigation.

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