Dozens of Emptied Amazon Packages Found Near San Jose River

Nearly a hundred Amazon boxes addressed to customers in San Jose never made it their destinations but instead were found opened and emptied near the Guadalupe River.

Dozens of opened boxes were found by the river, most of them cleaned out, with the exception of a few items such as books.

While searching for a stolen Burning Man bike over the weekend, Eric Strasilla and his girlfriend stumbled across the mostly empty boxes.

“We looked at six of the boxes and found some clothing, medicine, fertilizer and car parts,” Strasilla said.

On Tuesday, other items were found, including books, cat food and a whisk, along with empty electronics boxes. Almost all the packages were addressed to the Amazon Hub locker on East San Fernando Street in downtown San Jose, about five miles away from where they were found.

One customer went to the Amazon location Tuesday to ask why she had not received a rice cooker she ordered.

“I’m wondering if our package might be in that creek, so I’m concerned, and I’m going to give them a call,” San Jose resident Elisiva Maka said. “I just went in, and they didn’t have it.”

Some of the packages had a date of august 17… The assumption is that they’re stolen but…the us postal service says it didn’t deliver the packages so it’s not investigating.

San Jose police said they’re not investigating because no one reported stolen Amazon packages. Some customers speculate that might be because Amazon often replaces items when customers report them as undelivered.

“Generally, I’ve had friends who didn’t get a package, and Amazon just sends them a new one,” San Jose resident Daniela Jimenez said.

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