Dublin to Decide on Flying Pride Flag

The city of Dublin on Tuesday will decide whether to fly the pride flag in honor of gay pride month.

Last month, the East Bay city voted down the idea, prompting a number of people to protest the decision.

“I think it’s about time this country needs to come together with everybody,” community member Renee Langon said. 

The city council on Tuesday will consider a new policy to provide guidance on which flags can and cannot fly over city buildings and will hold a special meeting to specifically address the pride flag.

Mayor David Haubert voted against flying the flag, saying he wants a city policy established first.

Haubert also addressed one of the homophobic remarks made by a member of the public at last month’s contentious meeting in which people spoke for and against flying the flag.

“A lot of people are making a big deal about the fact that there was a little rebuke of the horrible things he mentioned at the meeting,” Haubert said in a statement. “Many of these things were said by people who don’t even live in Dublin, but came from neighboring cities. Dublin is a very diverse and inclusive community, and nobody should tell you otherwise.”

More than 800 people have a signed a petition demanding that the city fly the pride flag.

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