Dust Devil Wreaks Havoc at Fairfield Skate Park

A dust devil struck a skate park in Fairfield Tuesday afternoon, whipping up debris at the park and sending people rushing for cover.

Video of the wild wind event captured what appeared to be skateboards being picked up by the dust devil and launched across the pavement. One person struggling to keep their footing was even spotted twirling in the dust devil as it ripped off roofing material from a building at the park.

No one at Allan Witt Park was hurt by the dust devil or the flying debris, according to the city.

While some people on social media referred to the whipping winds as a tornado, NBC Bay Area Meteorologist Rob Mayeda said there didn’t appear to be a cloud-to-ground connection or a storm strong enough to create a funnel.

This post was originally posted at http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Dust-Devil-Fairfield-Skate-Park-508383421.html.

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