Elementary School Warns Students of Stranger Danger

Parents and students at a Lafayette elementary school have been warned about a rise in strangers trying to lure children into their cars after a man pulled up to a student asking if they needed a ride Tuesday.

The student ran away just in time but a warning went out to Burton Valley Elementary School parents Wednesday telling them that someone may be out there looking to harm their kids.

“I honestly didn’t expect something like that to happen here but honestly it can happen anywhere,” said Wietske Raymond who is a parent of two children who attend Burton Valley. “My daughter cried because she thought it was all very scary so I’m sure there were other kids who thought it was scary as well.”

Lafayette police are investigating a report of a man in a dark-colored SUV, stalking a Burton Valley student walking along Rohrer Drive asking if they wanted a ride.

The student said “no” and ran away towards a stranger and the car sped off.

“It’s scary,” said parent Trang Garces. “It’s a little child and it could be your child easily.”

Parents are pointing to a recent situation in Vacaville that was caught on surveillance video. It shows a man slowly driving up behind a young girl. She was sending danger, hiding behind a truck, keeping her distance before running away.

Police in Lafayette want to know if any one saw the student running from a suspicious dark colored SUV on Tuesday between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. They are also looking for surveillance video.

Meanwhile, the school is urging parents to talk to their children.

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