Fan spills plate of food to catch ball at Giants game, and then he loses his pizza to catch another

NBC Sports captured a gem of a moment — actually, two moments — at Wednesday night’s Giants game against the Dodgers at San Francisco’s Oracle Park.

A Dodgers fan dumped his plate of food twice to catch foul balls, and the video footage is pretty great.

Sitting at club level behind home plate, the fan was tucking into a plate of French fries until a foul ball came right his way.

The man jumps up to go after the ball, letting his styrofoam box filled with fries fall to the ground. As he dives down, the fried potatoes go everywhere, and his efforts pay off. He gets the ball.

And then, remarkably, a similar scenario happened again. At this point, the same guy was eating a slice of pizza when the foul ball whizzed his way. He sticks his paper plate and pizza high into the air to make a catch and the food goes flying, hitting another guy and a lady’s head. He falls to the ground. This time it doesn’t look as if he gets the ball.

After a game-winning single in the ninth inning by catcher Buster Posey, the Giants beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1.

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