Fox Sports reporter says he and KD text for hours. Durant’s response: ‘u don’t have my number’

Fox Sports 1’s Chris Broussard is, ostensibly, a successful and well-regarded NBA reporter. He’s also obtained a reputation for inaccuracy.

While working for ESPN in 2015, Broussard tweeted that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was “beside himself (and) driving around downtown Dallas begging” DeAndre Jordan’s family for his address so he could persuade Jordan to sign with his team. Cuban called him “an idiot.” (Broussard later apologized.) Later that year, Broussard incorrectly reported the terms of a Tristan Thompson contract. Deadspin’s headline: “Always-Wrong ESPN F—-Up Chris Broussard Wrong Yet Again.”

So that should give you some context for Wednesday’s story, when Broussard went on “Undisputed,” a show hosted by fellow former ESPNer Skip Bayless, to share a story of his “love-hate relationship” with Kevin Durant.

“We have texted — this is no exaggeration — there have days, a couple of days, we’ve texted for two, three hours straight,” Broussard said. “About life, about basketball, about media, about faith.”

On its face, this is a theoretically convincing story that ultimately justifies Broussard’s approach, which on Monday involved tweeting takes such as “If Warriors win title without KD, does that diminish his 2 rings?” (Durant’s response: “I see a little exaggeration there buddy.”)

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This exchange prompted Broussard’s appearance on “Undisputed” Wednesday, where he attempted to convince the audience that this was actually a “tame” response, compared to some of their private chats.

“He has gone at me much harder, privately,” Broussard says. “When I’ve said things on TV he doesn’t agree with, he will come back at me privately. He’s called me names, he’s gone at me much harder than that tweet. And we’ve always been able to talk it out, come to a place of understanding.”

Presumably the “Undisputed” audience considered the matter settled, until Durant caught wind of the clip.

“Cap. Cap. Cap cap cap….u don’t have my number mannnnn,” Durant tweeted, linking a clip of Broussard discussing their relationship. (Cap is slang for a lie, according to Urban Dictionary.)

Who’s telling the truth? One thing’s for sure: Broussard’s professional reputation isn’t helping his case.

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