Guillermo made poor Alfonzo McKinnie viciously uncomfortable at Warriors media day

By now, most professional athletes know what’s coming when they see Guillermo approaching. The endearingly earnest sidekick on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” has, for several years, attended high-profile sporting events to (gently) ambush athletes at media availability.

So it was no surprise Guillermo made an appearance in Toronto on Wednesday as the Raptors and Warriors fielded questions ahead of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

But Alfonzo McKinnie clearly isn’t a big late-night guy, because his interaction with Guillermo ranged from lightly confused to agonizingly uncomfortable.

Guillermo opened with a zinger.

“What are you gonna miss the most about Kevin Durant?” he said, referencing the belief of many that Durant will be leaving the Warriors at the end of the season.

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“I see Kevin Durant every day,” McKinnie answered.

“But next year? What are you going to miss the most next year?” Guillermo pressed.

“I don’t really know nothing about next year,” McKinnie laughed.

“You know he’s going to New York, right?” continued Guillermo, to McKinnie’s growing discomfort. This line of questioning exhausted, Guillermo switched tack.

“Are you excited to have a threesome?” he said, to McKinnie’s shock. “You know, when the team wins three years in a row?

“Oh, three-peat,” the Warriors forward replied, relieved.

After a little more back-and-forth, Guillermo bid farewell, leaving McKinnie so flustered that he didn’t pay attention to the next reporter’s question.

“Wait, wait, wait,” he said. “What just happened?”

The crowd explained Guillermo’s role on Kimmel’s show, and a wave of understanding about the previous minute of chaos washed over McKinnie’s face.

The full Guillermo segment will likely air soon on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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