Here are all of the trailers from today’s Google Stadia announcement

You know the deal: a console is nothing without games. Same goes for streaming plans. Google jumped the gun on E3 this week with its Stadia Connect, a livestream that takes more than a page or two from Nintendo’s Direct offering. The event offered a little more insight into pricing, availability and specs — and, mostly importantly showed off some of the titles coming to the streaming platform.

The list includes some familiar franchises and a couple of exclusives, which will be available for a $10 a month subscription fee or for individual purchase.

The first, Moonshine Studios/Coat Sink’s Get Packed will be a Stadia Exclusive at launch. The title brings Overcooked style game play to furniture packing — arguably the most frustrating thing in the world. The co-op title allows up to four players to participate, because you know how easy it is recruiting friends to help you move.

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Bungie’s received Destiny sequel will be arriving on Stadia. The first-person shooter includes the new chapter, Shadowkeep, which features a return to the lunar surface.

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Another Stadia exclusive, the single player puzzle adventure title Gylt features some dark, supernatural gameplay. The Tequila Works title centers on a young girl’s search for her missing cousin.

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Google closed things out with a sizzle reel focused on the breadth of titles coming to the platform, including games from top tier publishers like Ubisoft, Take 2, SquareEnix, Warner Bros, Bandai Namco and Bethesda.

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The service launches this November.

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