High School Baseball Teams Play for Paradise

The San Francisco Giants lent out their home field Saturday to the Paradise High School men’s baseball team who played in an effort to raise money for the athletic facilities that were destroyed by the Camp Fire.

The matchup between the Paradise Bobcats and the Corning High School Cardinals began with a $10,000 donation from the Dente Benedetti Foundation for Paradise High.

The school itself survived the fire but many of the athletic facilities, including the school’s field, didn’t. Since then, the school’s athletic programs have had to use several different facilities across the area to practice.

“The big things for them are these weird little trinkets and things that you don’t really think about. Or you’re putting on a pair of shoes and my lucky socks, I forgot those. Or you’re putting on a pair of earrings for the first time and you realize you lost all your jewelry,” said Paradise High School Athletic Director Anne Stearns.

Since the town of Paradise is still mostly closed because of fire damage, students are going to classes at rented buildings close to the Chico Airport, which is a 15 minute drive from their campus.

The hope is to resume classes on campus next school year, but that depends on the progress of rebuilding the town

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