‘I’ll find them’: Some driver dinged Steph Curry’s Uber rating

Stephen Curry may be one of the most beloved celebrities in the Bay Area, but he’s not exempt from the occasional four-star review on Uber.

In a “21 Questions” interview posted by House of Highlights Tuesday, the Warriors star admitted he doesn’t have a flawless five stars on the ride-hailing app.

“[My rating is] 4.8, I think,” he said. “I don’t know who gave me four stars, but I’ll find them.”

Curry says he uses a fake name when he calls up a ride — and it’s surprisingly effective for the international sports superstar.

“I go by an alias, so probably like half the time they’ll figure it out along the way,” he said. It’s either a testament to his ability to camouflage himself or a humbling admission he’s not as famous as one would think.

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Curry had more predictable answers for other questions. When asked which NBA player got under his skin the most, he answered “Seth Curry,” his brother. And his 10-year plan, unsurprisingly, is to be “probably retired.”

The interview was conducted during Curry’s Under Armour Basketball Asia Tour. He’s since returned home for a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe and was recently in Paris, celebrating daughter Riley’s seventh birthday.

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