Interactive mural celebrates Dub Nation at Steph Curry’s pop-up shop

James Shields grew up a Sacramento Kings fan during the team’s glory days with Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, and Jason Williams. But for the last five years, he’s lived in Oakland during the Golden State Warriors‘ dynastic championship runs.

“My personal philosophy is that you have the team where you grew up, and you have the team where you currently live, if you so choose,” Shields said.

Shields has also had a run of success while in Oakland. He’s painted murals in the Lower Bottoms, where he lives, near Jack London Square, and in South Berkeley. He’s the art director of Oakhella, a community organization that throws parties and fundraisers, which has become one of the more prominent event production companies in the city.

And his latest “W” comes through a partnership with Under Armour and Steph Curry’s SC30 x Oakland pop-up shop in downtown Oakland. Shields created an interactive mural for the shop that celebrates the Warriors’ fandom, the team, and the team’s nearly 50 years in The Town.

“I was just really excited,” Shields said in reference to when he received an email from Under Armour enlisting his help with the project. “You know, Curry, Dubs, Under Armour, and it’s always good to have a mural project.”

The mural, which debuted on Saturday, is an outline that features Curry hanging his hand after throwing up a shot, the Fox Theater, the city’s logo and other Oakland iconography. Because it’s an outline, anyone visiting the shop can walk up to the mural, grab a paint pen, and color in part of the mural. It’s open for the next six weeks.

This isn’t the first time that Shields has created something that others can color in. Back in 2011, the Sacramento and Stockton native created the Hip-Hop Coloring Book, which celebrates the musical genre while educating people on its history.

This also isn’t the first promotion that Under Armour and Curry have teamed up on that honors Oakland, where the team has played permanently since 1971 but are leaving after this season. In January, Curry and the brand that he endorses threw a party at the Fox Theater celebrating the guard’s 10 years playing in Oakland. The party was a promotion for the release of his Curry 6 Fox Theater Colorway shoes.

“It’s something really special to be a part of,” Shield said. “I was out there celebrating their first championship of this run, so it’s really good to be a part of that culture and history.”

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