Jordan Bell tells his side of suspension story: ‘I thought I was doing something funny’

Golden State Warriors forward Jordan Bell says he is sorry for charging a candle to assistant coach Mike Brown’s hotel bill, and intended for it to be a “funny” prank.

During an interview with NBC Sports Bay Area, Bell expressed remorse for the prank and called the suspension a “hectic learning experience.” After the team learned of the charge, Bell was suspended one game for “conduct detrimental to the team.”

“I made an error of judgment and I thought I was doing something funny, and it wasn’t,” he said. “But I apologized to the individuals involved, and I hope to continue to move forward from this mistake.”

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Bell added that he doesn’t think the prank damaged his relationship with the team.

“I think we’re all good,” he said. “I think everybody knows it was something I thought would be funny, as a joke that turned out not to be the way someone else took it, as a joke. So I have to be respectful of people’s space, and even though I think something’s funny, it might not be funny to them. Just to chill out.”

A league source told The Chronicle this wasn’t the first time Bell charged something to Brown’s hotel room without the assistant coach knowing. Because this was a repeated offense, the team decided to suspend him for one game.

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Bell missed the team’s 118-103 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, and told NBC Sports Bay Area this has been a “rough” season for him in many ways, mainly because of a lack of minutes.

“Not knowing when you’re going to play. That’s just been the roughest part, honestly,” Bell said. “And then dealing with all the stuff that comes with that.”

You can read Bell’s full interview with NBC Sports Bay Area here.

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