New Report Shows Cities With Limited Evacuation Routes

A recent review by StreetLight Data revealed that several Bay Area cities have limited escape routes in case of an emergency evacuation. Should an evacuation become necessary the routes would likely become gridlocked, the study showed.

Sausalito is one of the cities on the list. Southern Marin Fire Protection District held a fire evacuation drill there in July and Mayor Joe Burns said that depending on the scenario there will be options, including ferries that he said the Golden Gate Bridge District would provide. In the case of gridlock, he said there is a system of stairs to Highway 101 or to the water. Burns recommended that residents have two escape routes in mind.

“We do have two to three exits off the highway, we have boats, we have an artery here,” he said.

Some residents already have the water in mind as an escape route. “Since we’re right up against the wild land we could easily get horseshoed in here, we’d need ferries to get out,” one resident said.

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