Richmond, Va., street finally could be named for native son Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe Jr.

A movement to rename Boulevard, a Richmond, Va., thoroughfare, for the groundbreaking black tennis player is cresting as the state finds itself in turmoil over a blackface scandal involving the governor and attorney general. “It would be a huge cultural step forward. This is where we can start with reconciliation and we can start talking about the issues,” said Ashe’s nephew, David Harris Jr., the man behind the campaign. A bronze sculpture of Ashe sits among Richmond’s many Confederate statues. But a proposal to rename a historic street for Ashe has been defeated twice since his death in 1993.

Magic Johnson

The Lakers’ president plans to hug it out with his players to help them cope with fallout from the NBA trade deadline. “It’s a part of business, it’s a part of being a professional athlete,” he said Saturday. He spoke with reporters at Michigan State, where he and the 1979 national championship team were celebrated before a win over Minnesota. The Lakers were in pursuit of New Orleans forward Anthony Davis, with many of their players mentioned in trade rumors. “My job is to make sure we stay together as a team and stay focused on the goal, which is to make the playoffs,” Johnson said.

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