San Francisco Businesses Brace for Harper Signing

A day after Manny Machado shocked the baseball world by signing a reported 10 year, $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres, baseball fans across North America are still left wondering where baseball wunderkind Bryce Harper will play this season.

Most of baseball–including and perhaps especially the big spenders of the offseason, the San Diego Padres–are not considered “in” on the generational talent. Consensus is this comes down to two teams: the Philadelphia Phillies and your San Francisco Giants.

After a dud season like the Giants had in 2018, it’s easy to see why this has The City abuzz.

“All respect to Buster (Posey), there hasn’t been a real slugger in this lineup since (Barry) Bonds. Harper might be just as good as Bonds, so that’s exciting,” offered a local fan standing near Oracle Park.

If the Giants come through, local business owners are ready to pounce.

An employee at Baseballism, a baseball shop across the street from Oracle Park, thinks the company may offer Harper-themed merchandise and believes the slugger will lead to an increase in attendance, which reached its lowest point since 2010 last year.

An online baseball fan jersey retailer headquartered in San Francisco,, is “Brycing for impact” according to owner/operator Andrew J. Chapin: “When major players move to major markets, we see a lot of traffic. We often beat the competition to market when a new player signs and we’re certainly hoping that’s the case again with Bryce.”

Not all businesses are seeing green. A street vendor seemed non-plussed by the prospect of Bryce in the Bay, adding: “people come, people go, no matter who is playing.”

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