San Francisco’s Safety Questioned After Tourist Run Over

A chilling crime in San Francisco could have ripple effects in the community.

Officials say a father visiting from out-of-town was run over Tuesday by two men breaking into his car at the Legion of Honor. It’s not just the crime, but the trend that has some worried about the overall effect on San Francisco’s reputation and tourism.

Police emphasize it’s rare that a car break-in turns violent, and auto burglaries are actually down in San Francisco so far this year to date. But people who visit the city, live and/or work in the area have noticed property crime eating into San Francisco’s sterling image.

At the Legion of Honor, people come from all over the world to appreciate classic pieces of art. On Wednesday, they’re finding pieces of shattered glass in the parking lot.

Man Run Over After Car Break-In at Legion of Honor: SFPD

[BAY] Man Run Over After Car Break-In at Legion of Honor: SFPD

Police say the victim’s condition is still life-threatening as San Francisco residents wonder what is happening to their city.

“Things have changed, and people are just more cautious-people who are trying to be careful and forgiving about crime and things like, just get more worried,” said Art Ammann, who has lived in San Francisco since 1971. “I mean it will affect tourism — word gets around.”

While car break-ins may be down year-over-year, businesses say smash-and-grabs are still popping up constantly. Police say they have increased patrols in high-target areas like Union Square.

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