San Jose Police Search for Naked Man Peeking Through Windows

Surveillance video that shows a naked man prowling a South San Jose neighborhood has left residents on edge.

The video also shows the man looking in windows in an area called the Meadowlands, a secluded part of the city’s Evergreen neighborhood. Now police are trying to figure out if the incident is linked to prior cases in other places.

The suspect is seen in the video recorded late Tuesday exiting what appears to be a Honda Odyssey minivan. He casually moves closer to the front door of a home, peeking around and even looking in a window. The man then casually walk back to his van and leaves.

Neighbors said the incident happened two nights in a row and have passed out fliers to alert the community.

San Jose police said its sex assault unit is investigating the case. Investigators are trying to determine if the man has done this before.

For now, the normally quiet Meadowlands neighborhood will be on alert.

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