San Jose Water Company Bills Customers for Conserving Water

It was a state mandate during recent years to cut back on water because of drying reservoirs, now the San Jose Water Company is planning to add a surcharge because it did not collect enough money.

“When we sell significantly less water, we’re not able to cover our costs, and so that’s the reason we’re seeking this surcharge,” said Jayme Ackemann from the San Jose Water Company.

For a second year in a row, customers are being asked to pay more because of a $9 million shortfall.

“I do not like the idea that they’re charging us more, because they’re not making money,” customer Gail Uyehara said.

The new fee is expected to makeup for losses in 2018 because the company did not collect enough to cover operations costs.

“I’ve seen my bill go as high as five or six hundred dollars,” customer Robin Feinman-Marino said.

The water company has until April 18 to a file a complaint with the California Public Utility Commission. The commission could deny the agency’s request to add the surcharge fee.

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