San Ramon Valley Teachers to Decide Whether or Not to Strike

The San Ramon Valley Teachers Association met Thursday night to decide whether or not to approve a strike if they don’t reach an agreement with the Unified School District.

Teachers are fighting for manageable class sizes, more nurses, librarians, counselors and better pay to accommodate the cost of living in the East Bay, among other things.

“There is no other expenditure more important than investing in a stable and highly qualified team of educators to work directly with our students,” said school district president Ann Katzburg. “Our members are committed to achieving a fair settlement and are ready to stand up for our students.”

If approved, the teachers association will be authorized to strike if they don’t reach an agreement with the school district.

“While we all remain hopeful that we can avoid a strike, our team remains ready and eager to reach a fair, student-centered settlement,” said Katzburg. “It’s going to take a real change in direction by management to help make an agreement happen.”

Meanwhile, the Oakland Teachers Union is on its sixth day of strike as they continue to negotiate with the Oakland Unified School District.

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