Secondary charges against San Francisco man accused in condo attack expected to be dropped

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office is expected to drop secondary charges today against the homeless man caught on camera allegedly attacked a woman in front of her Embarcadero condo.

Austin James Vincent, 25, was charged with assaulting Paneez Kosarian, 26, on the sidewalk at the Watermark Condominium at 501 Beale St. on Aug. 11. Kosarian says Vincent said he was saving her from robots. Vincent has pleaded not guilty to charges of false imprisonment, two counts of battery and attempted robbery.

After Vincent’s mugshot circulated in the media, another woman identified him as the person involved in a February incident where a group of people reported a man brandished a knife at them as they got into their rideshare in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Public Defender says Vincent was misidentified in the February incident and the suspect proved he lived in Southern California at the time.

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Vincent’s attorney, Saleem Belbahri, filed a bail motion this week to drop the charges.

“I received word from the D.A. today that they were able to corroborate the information I submitted in the bail motion, and have indicated that they plan to throw out the charges tomorrow,” Belbahri said in a statement from the San Francisco District Attorney’s office.

Vincent was released from jail into a program with mental health services after the Aug. 11 attack, but was put back in jail after the the secondary allegations were made.

In a court hearing at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Belbahri is expected to ask the judge to return Vincent to his previous status of assertive case management as administered by SF Pretrial. Belbahri says he had been in full compliance and was receiving housing and help prior to being remanded to custody, the statement from the San Francisco District Attorney’s office says.

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