SFO to Debut New Rideshare Pick-Up Area

Starting Wednesday, the Lyft and Uber pick-up location at the San Francisco International Airport is changing, hoping to ease traffic jams at the domestic terminal.

Arriving passengers will have to walk across sky bridges to get to the rooftop of the hourly-parking garage where a new pick-up area is all set up.

Travelers landing at SFO’s domestic terminal are used to meeting Uber and Lyft drivers right at the curb, but the thousands of curbside daily pick-ups and drop-offs are causing gridlock.

“You’ve got everyone picking up and dropping off at the same time it’s a mess sometimes,” said rideshare driver Hans Rude.

Airport officials say the rideshare traffic ham is slowing everyone down.

“Today we’re dipping below 10 mph, in other words, real stop and go traffic. Difficult to get around domestic terminal,” said Doug Wakel from SFO.

To get things moving again, the airport is relocating Uber and Lyft pick-ups to the top floor of the parking garage and is painting arrows at the new area to help drivers navigate.

Some passengers are following new signs and giving it a try but others are not as excited about the change.

“I understand they have a congestion problem, but I think it will make it worse,” said Bob Smith from Foster City.

Extra airport staff will be at the domestic terminal helping people find their way to the new pick-up zone. Drop-offs will still be allowed curbside and there are no changed at the International terminal.

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