Skydiver Loses Prosthetic Leg Midair Then Finds It Undamaged

A prosthetic leg came loose from a skydiver at 10,000 feet and fell to earth in Sonoma County on Sunday.

Dion Calloway of Santa Rosa figured he had lost his left leg for a second time. On Monday night, he was laughing at how wrong he can be.

Callaway was amazed his $15,000 prosthetic leg looks exactly like it did before he and some friends went skydiving in Cloverdale. He was 10,000 feet in the air when his leg fell off.

“It doesn’t look like it’s damaged at all,” he said. “Right out the door, I felt it loosen up. It came off about six inches. I reached back and put it back on and thought it would stay. I flew up to the circle, and I watched it take off.”

Off and lost forever. Or so Calloway thought.

Fortunately, the leg happened to land on top of a somewhat forgiving pile of sawdust at a lumber yard right next door to the airport. An employee on Monday told deputies a man with a prosthetic leg had jumped the day before.

Calloway lost his natural left leg two years ago during a skydiving accident.

“What I tried to do was like a high-speed landing and just messed up,” he recalled. “I came in too low, too fast. I exploded the heel.”

When asked if he’d ever go skydiving again, Calloway replied: “Yep. Absolutely. Next weekend.”

During his next jump, Callaway said he’ll be taking precautions to keep his wits and his leg about him.

“The owner of Norcal Skydiving built a tether that basically goes around my waist, around the leg here and then around the lower leg,” he explained.

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