Sorry, NBA lip readers, Kevin Durant and LeBron James probably just trolled you

During the Golden State Warriors’ 108-90 beatdown of the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night, Kevin Durant and LeBron James were seen speaking to one another with their hands covering their mouths.

Durant’s impending free agency this summer and James’ well-documented quest to bring another superstar to Los Angeles sent NBA Twitter into a frenzy trying to figure out what was said — even though there was no way to do so with their mouths covered.

Twitter accounts, including the NBA on TNT and SportsCenter, tried to further drum up interest in the conversation. The accounts posted a photo of the two players talking, accompanied with the “eyes” emoji, with the implication being that James may have been trying to recruit Durant to the Lakers.

Of course, NBA fans went wild with speculation, with some pointing out that James had a similar covered-mouth conversation with Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball last season, when James was a member of the Cavaliers.

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After the game, Durant laughed off the internet frenzy he and James ignited.

“Everybody wants to know what we’re talking about,” Durant told reporters. “It wasn’t even that serious. Just laughing and joking and catching up.”

The Warriors superstar referenced NBA fans on social media and lip readers who are “infatuated” with the offseason plans of Durant, James and other stars.

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“Everybody is so interested, especially in LeBron. So whoever he talks to, the lip readers are going to try to figure that out,” Durant laughed. “You guys are infatuated with that whole thing. It’s fun. People try to figure it out.”

Sorry NBA lip readers, it sounds like Durant knew he was going to get you to obsess over what was probably an innocuous conversation with his longtime friend.

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