South Bay Residents Frustrated Over Illegal Vehicle Dumping

Residents in San Jose neighborhood are upset after their streets have become a dumping ground for abandoned vehicles and stolen cars.

Reports were first made at the beginning of the year and the neighborhood association had numerous meetings and with the city council, but residents feel little progress has been made.

“They dump cars here all week long,” said resident Guy Lopez. “There’s no parking for anybody, we complain but what can you do?”

While the city does not keep track of the number of abandoned vehicles by specific area or district, the city of San Jose reported more than 900 vehicles were towed from the area this year.

“There have been stolen vehicles that have been parked here and abandoned,”said a resident who did not want to be identified.  “Mainly it’s people who just let their cars sit for weeks and weeks and don’t move them.”

The neighborhood association points out the report does not show the reason why vehicle were towed and despite meetings with the city’s transportation department little progress has been made.

“And basically no answers to anything it’s the same old thing,” said Jeff Levine, vice president of the Roosevelt Park neighborhood association. “They don’t track statistics video surveillance is invalid.”

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