Stolen Ashes of 2-Year-Old Girl Returned to San Jose Family

The stolen ashes of a 2-year-old girl were returned to her South Bay family Sunday, the family has confirmed.

The ashes of Kelly Lopez were taken from Calvary Catholic Cemetery off Capitol and Madden in San Jose, California last week. Kelly’s mother Marcela Lopez did not provide any details on the return but did say it’s a complicated story.

Kelly battled cancer late in her short life and died four years ago. Her mother kept her ashes in an urn in a mausoleum at Calvary Catholic, decorated with small characters she loved.

The urn was inside one of the buildings on site; it was taken along with another precious item: a golden cylinder that contained locks of her hair.

Ashes of 2-year-old Stolen From Cemetery

[BAY] Ashes of 2-year-old Stolen From Cemetery

Police believe the thieves may have thought the items were valuable.

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