The best places to get your car window replaced after a break-in in San Francisco, according to Yelp

So you just got your car broken into in San Francisco. The window of your car is mostly gone, except for little bits lodged into the crack in your door that the window used to roll down into. Bits of glass are in the gutter, on the curb and sidewalk.

Maybe something has been stolen out of your car. Maybe not.

After you’re done reporting the crime to the San Francisco Police Department, the next logical step is to call your car insurance, then figure out where to get your window replaced or repaired, if you can afford it.

This scenario happened at historic rates in San Francisco in 2017. There were more than 31,000 instances of the crime in the city that year. And although the number of car break-ins dropped 17 percent in 2018, there were still 25,974 break-ins, an average of 71 per day.

The city has begun to address the issue over the past couple of years. The SFPD created a pilot program to identify jumps in property crime at the Mission and Taraval stations, and increase resources where needed in 2018. A sign at Alamo Square Park jokingly suggested that people fill a decoy purse with poisonous bees and leave it in their car to prevent break-ins.

For those who will inevitably have the misfortune of having their car broken into in San Francisco, we checked with Yelp to figure out which are the top auto glass repair places in the city. To get the list together, Yelp used an algorithm that took into account the number of reviews and star rating for the auto glass repair shops, among other factors. And they made sure that the businesses repair driver, passenger and rear windows – not just the windshields – by reviewing the services offered by each of the shops that ranked.

All of the places on the list had at least a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, but there were four auto glass repair shops that have 5 star ratings and over 100 reviews: Secureway Auto Body and Glass, Express Service Auto Glass, Super Auto Glass, and In & Out Auto Glass.

Two of those – Express Service Auto Glass (which has several locations throughout the Bay Area) and In & Out Auto Glass – are in or near Bernal Heights. Secure Auto Body and Glass is in China Basin and Super Auto Glass is near Golden Gate Park in the Outer Sunset.

Predictably, when compared with the San Francisco Chronicle’s S.F. Car Break-In Tracker, location is king for these auto glass repair businesses. Out of the 15 ranked by Yelp, seven of them are clustered in the neighborhoods where the majority of car break-ins tend to happen in SF: Tenderloin, SoMa, Hayes Valley, and China Basin.

Check out which auto glass repair shops rounded out the top 15, according to Yelp, in the slideshow above.

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