The greatest Warriors moments and memories in Oakland

It was the fourth quarter of Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals. The Golden State Warriors were up 20 points at Oracle Arena after dropping the first two games of the series to the Utah Jazz.

Baron Davis, who had just led the “We Believe” Warriors to a first round upset over the Dallas Mavericks, had the ball at the top of the key and drove down the left side of the court, defended by Deron Williams. He was just about to slip past Williams for an easy dunk, so Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko slid over to help.

That was a mistake.

Davis elevated over Kirilenko and slammed home the basketball, and, as the saying goes, the crowd went wild.

Warriors fan Glenn Porganan said that he was at the game. “They showed the replay 10 times during a time out,” he wrote on SFGATE’s Facebook page. “Every time they showed it the crowd went nuts!”

This moment was one of many the Golden State Warriors forged into the history books during their nearly 50 years playing in Oakland. As they are moving to San Francisco next season to the Chase Center, we asked Warriors fans about their favorite memories and moments from the team’s time playing Oakland.

Here’s some of what the fans had to say:

“Paying $5 for tickets because no one was there. Could sit wherever you wanted.” – Nathan Andreassen

“I love this current team but my favorite memory is my first game there in person in 1989. Tim Hardaway’s rookie year. It was against the Miami Heat.” – Adeel Babar

“I remember watching Uwe Blab playing there. Man, those certainly were some lowly years! Did they retire his number?” – Gary Arden

“The first playoff game! And every playoff game after that. Roaracle gets lit during the playoffs and it is my favorite time of year.” – Simone Haas

“Cavs beating them in Game 7 there in 2016!” – Gavin Domm

“Winning Game 5 [of the] Western Conference Finals 2015… I’ll always remember the feeling of the Warriors actually going to the finals.” – Christopher Paul Garcia

“I was at a game in the mid 80s. Only 6-7k people attendance. The usher paid no attention when us kids took empty seats in the second row.” – Mike Belgard

“The crowd giving a standing ovation to [Andris] Biedrins when he made consecutive FTs!” – Andrew Scott

“WE BELIEVE! Game 3 against the Mavs in 2007! I’ve never heard a building that loud before! Or a crowd go nuts after ever basket!” – Glenn Porganan

“My boyfriend and I attending the game and team he loves. Go Dubs.” – Shannon L Salter-Regan

Check out our list of the greatest Warriors moments and memories in Oakland by clicking or swiping through the slideshow above.

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