The importance of seating at the investor meeting

As intimidating as this looks, it’s actually perfectly optimized for what it is (a full partner meeting). That’s the key: the space should be optimized for the conversation that’s going to take place inside.

There were countless other arrays but mostly just variations on the above themes.

Pitch meetings are not normal meetings; the conditions in which they occur should be hyper-considered. As we’ve seen, if they’re not, the collateral impact on the dynamics of the conversation can range from plain awkwardness to subconscious adversariness.

Both investor and entrepreneur have honed their performances – the conversation itself – over many years. Each side knows exactly how to execute their part in the pitch meeting dance. But the stage itself – the meeting room – lags woefully behind in terms of optimization. This is an opportunity!

The best restaurants understand how physical conditions impact experience. The same should apply in the meeting room. The conditions should be optimized. Dialed-in.

If I were an investor, I would think about this a lot. Which is probably why I’m not an investor.

But if you are, perhaps this was helpful.

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