The Masters ticket lottery just opened. You probably won’t win.

The Masters, as the incessant ads remind us, is a “tradition unlike any other.” Many of these traditions are, historically, not so fun: Augusta, the club that hosts the Masters, didn’t admit African-Americans until 1990 and women until 2012.

But one fun tradition is the annual Masters ticket lottery, which allows anyone to submit their name for a chance to buy tickets for relatively reasonable prices — $75 for a practice round and $115 for a tournament round. If you’re not lucky enough to win the lottery, you’re going to have to head over to the secondary market, where the powers of supply and demand are not in your favor: USA Today reported that the average secondary market ticket was a little under $2,500 for the 2019 tournament.

The payout is enough that one family was charged last month with allegedly running a fake identity scheme to rig the lottery.

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The lottery for the 2020 tournament just opened up this week. (You can apply here, if you’re so inclined.) Though the tournament takes place in April 2020, the deadline for applying is June 2, ensuring winners can plan around the unlikely scenario that they win the golden ticket.

The bad news for Masters fans: Next year might be the most competitive lottery yet. Tiger Woods, after years of poor play due to injuries and, uh, off-the-field concerns, won the 2019 Masters in dramatic fashion. No doubt fans will be clamoring to see if Woods can repeat this feat next April.

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