They can't wait for the San Francisco Giants' opening day… in North Dakota?

Even after two losing seasons, the San Francisco Giants still have a massive fan base in Northern California, and apparently their reign stretches even further.

With the start of the baseball season on Thursday, ticket reseller VividSeats released a map of the most popular MLB teams in each county of the United States. The numbers were based on ticket sales and other collected data.

In California, the San Francisco Giants ranked as the most popular team in the majority of Northern California, while the Los Angeles Dodgers controlled most of Southern California.

San Francisco’s reach extended across the northwest into Southern Oregon, Northern Nevada, Idaho, and Montana. Even in Sheridan County, North Dakota (population: 1,321) the Giants were the most popular team — thought it’s possible results were skewed by the especially small sample size.

According to VividSeats, the Oakland Athletics were not even the top team for sales in Alameda County. The A’s were the only MLB club to not be the most popular club in any county in America. The Angels (Orange County) and Padres (San Diego County) were able to claim the top spot in their respective counties.

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