Transgender Kids: A Changing Student Body

The number of children who openly identify as transgender is expected to rise, in part, because of new medical guidelines that allow children to begin physically transforming their bodies at younger ages.

So are schools prepared?

The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit spent two years collecting data and reviewing policies from the largest school districts across Northern California to find out how educators are adapting to a changing student body.

Watch the Full 30-Minute Special InvestigationWatch the Full 30-Minute Special Investigation

Maya, born Brody, began identifying as a girl at four-years-old and legally changed her name at seven.

The investigation revealed a serious lack of teacher training regarding transgender children.

Following the series of NBC Bay Area reports, educators enacted major policy changes and California lawmakers passed legislation to require continuing gender education for middle and high school teachers throughout the state.

While the governor ultimately vetoed the plan, some of the area’s largest school districts still opted to require new gender education for their teachers and credited the NBC Bay Area investigation for leading to the new training protocols and procedures.

Ultimately, the reform effort spread to 61 schools, impacting roughly 60,000 students across the Bay Area.  


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