Tri-Valley to Discuss BART Extension Alternative

The plan to extend BART into Livermore has been dead for almost a year, and now the Tri-Valley is considering an alternative.

The San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority will discuss funding and scheduling for proposed valley link rail that would extend service from Dublin/Pleasanton BART into Livermore and the Central Valley on Wednesday.

The link would be similar to the 10-mile extension of service between Pittsburg/Bay Point and Antioch that went into effect last year, using the similar kind of diesel or electrical multiple trains.

However, the Valley link would travel much further with proposed stops at Isabel and Greenville in Livermore.

Then over the Altamont for stops in Mountain House, Tracy, Lathrop and some day Stockton.

New tracks would have to be built along Interstate Highway 580 to get through Livermore and the rest of the route would rely an existing right of way that used to be owned by Southern Pacific.

The goal is to match BART service during peak hours and have trains running every 12 minutes during the commutes.

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