Video Shows ‘Violent’ Arrest of 18-Year-Old in Vallejo

The Vallejo Police Department may be in hot water again after a video apparently showing a police officer, dressed in plain clothes, arresting an 18-year-old.

Carlos Yesca’s 12-year-old brother used his cell phone to record what looks like a violent arrest in front of a neighborhood market in Vallejo.

“The first thing he said to me is ‘you know you f-ed up right?'” said Yesca.

The teen said he was confused because the officer was not wearing a police uniform and was in an unmarked car.

“He didn’t identify himself,” he said. “In the back of my mind I’m just thinking ‘this isn’t an officer, I don’t know who this man is.'”

Yesca admits he was driving a new car with paper plater. He has a learner’s permit but not a license yet.

“We went back and forth, he started asking for my license, my ID,” he said. “I just turned 18, I’m waiting for my ID in the mail.”

The Vallejo Police Department has been under scrutiny for the alleged use of excessive force after a man was shot and killed while in a fast food drive through.

Also, a U.S. Marine claims he was assaulted by a Vallejo cop for videotaping a traffic stop in front of his home.

Yesca said that to this day, he doesn’t know why he was arrested.

“It’s sad but I’m so glad he is here with us,” said Yesca’s mother. “All these things have to stop.”

Civil Rights Attorney John Burris is taking on the case, saying he had seven cases against the Vallejo Police Department for alleged excessive force.

NCB Bay Area reached out to the police department for comment and the watch commander said he knew nothing about the case.

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