Wait, What? $75 Cup of Coffee Sold in Bay Area

$75 coffee?

Yep, it’s a thing. Or should we say was a thing?

A tasting of the exclusive Elida Geisha Natural 803 was held over the weekend at Klatch Coffee’s San Francisco location. Those who handed over the dollars — again, 75 to be exact — were treated to a hand poured cup of the award-winning coffee. And oh, you also received pastries and a special edition Elida 803 coffee mug, according to Klatch Coffee’s website.

But what makes it have claim to the world’s most expensive coffee? Aside from placing No. 1 in the Best of Panama coffee competition, it set a record price of $803 per pound, according to Klatch Coffee, who reportedly purchased 10 pounds of the beans.

And sure, only having 100 pounds of Elida Geisha Natural 803 available for sale in the world also helped the price skyrocket.

If you were planning on swinging by Klatch Coffee in hopes of getting a sip, its website late Monday showed the special coffee sold out.

No word on if Klatch will restock. We’ve reached out and we’ll update you if we hear of the exclusive coffee making a return to the Bay Area.

And if you come across a restock let us know. Drinks on you? I’ll send over an IOU via Venmo, maybe.

On a coffee-related note: Remember Finca Sophia, which fetched $15 a cup?

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