What to Know: Oakland Teachers Strike

Oakland teachers are set to go on strike starting Thursday.

Do you have questions about the planned strike and its potential impacts? Check out the breakdown below for answers to some common strike-related questions:

Who’s involved?

The strike involves the Oakland Unified School District, which consists of about 37,000 students, and the Oakland Education Association, which is the union that represents nearly 3,000 teachers, counselors, nurses, psychologists, librarians, speech pathologists, social workers and substitute teachers in the district.

What is the teachers’ union asking for?

The union wants a 12 percent raise over three years, smaller class sizes, more counselors and full-time nurses. The school district has said it cannot afford to pay more than 5 percent.

RAW: Oakland Teachers Union President Announces StrikeRAW: Oakland Teachers Union President Announces Strike

Will schools remain open during the strike?

Yes. Schools in the district will still be open during the strike. Students are expected to show up for class.

What should students expect to experience during the strike?

The district says school will not be “school as usual” during the strike. Principals, staff and temporary emergency teachers will be responsible for teaching and supervising students. Temporary teachers won’t necessarily continue teaching regular teachers’ scheduled lesson plans, but they will be able to use “appropriate instructional plans” that principals have access to, according to the district.

Oakland Unified Superintendent Talks Budget CrisisOakland Unified Superintendent Talks Budget Crisis

Will students still have access to school meals?

Yes. Lunch will be provided by OUSD Nutrition Services during the strike. Breakfast options will be “simplified,” according to the district.

What’s the status of after-school programs?

According to the district, all state and federally funded after-school programs will continue to operate during the strike.

Additional information about the strike can be found on the Oakland Unified School District website.

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